Content is king

Growing up in Oklahoma, I was like many young men. I had dreams of playing football at the University of Oklahoma and making a career with the Dallas Cowboys.

However, once I realized there wouldn’t be too many openings for a 5-foot-8 offensive lineman in the NFL, I had look for alternatives.

While attending Southwest Baptist University and playing football for the Bearcats, I searched for what other skill sets I could use to make my way in the world.

What came out of the search was me delving deep into the world of media and journalism. What started out as just a passion for sports reporting has turned into more than two decades of working in all areas of journalism. From  covering the NBA to business profiles to travel writing, I have experience in every facet of producing entertaining media content.  

While working as a freelance writer in 2016, I decided it was time to steer my career path in another direction. There is no more important word in today’s media age than content. No matter what stream, vertical, platform or medium being used or for what purpose, everyone needs content.

That made the move to become a Content Provider and Media Consultant the obvious next phase for Michael Kinney Media.



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  1. Michael does great work covering all matters of life, If you enjoy his work, please share it on your platforms or social media accounts we need journalists like Michael and making his work known will help in that cause.


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